Ways to Get Outside in Brentwood

Mary Lu Tuthill  |  April 9, 2021

Ways to Get Outside in Brentwood
One would think that living in the entertainment capital of the world would provide no shortage of entertainment options. And under normal circumstances that would be true. However, these are unprecedented times we currently live in—as we know all too well. And unless you’re a natural introvert, the idea of staying at home to rewatch movies on Disney+ all weekend might seem like a chore at this point rather than luxurious entertainment.

The silver lining for Brentwood real estate owners is that as Los Angeles businesses continue to reopen, so do a wealth of opportunities to step outside and get some fresh air for residents of this prestigious Westside community. Cautious living and time spent indoors have helped to keep people safe, and as Westsiders begin to venture outside of their luxury homes, they are encouraged to keep wearing masks and social distancing. Brentwood and its equally luxe sibling neighborhoods reside in one of the most dazzling regions of Southern California. Here are some ways to get outside and enjoy the wonders of living in Brentwood while avoiding crowds and without ever having to step foot inside of a building.

Outdoor Dining


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Whether you’re bringing a blanket for a socially distant picnic in the park or grabbing a seat at an open-air patio along the beautifully landscaped streets of charming Downtown Brentwood, several favorite dining options have returned for Brentwood real estate owners to enjoy. The quintessential, pre-COVID-19-era dining experience in Brentwood looks a bit different now, but there are abundant opportunities to savor moments under the California sunshine with the best cuisine and drinks that Westside, Los Angeles has to offer:
  • Clark Street Bakery - Owner Zack Hall is bringing his decadent arsenal of carbs from one of the city’s best bakeries to the Westside, with a location soon opening right in the heart of Brentwood. As with his other locations, Clark Street in Brentwood will offer a plethora of artisanal bread, pastries, coffee, breakfast, and lunch menu items for takeout—along with a dozen outdoor tables for socially distant dining in the open air.
  • Coral Tree Cafe - Inspired by the beautiful coral trees that line San Vicente Boulevard and founded by Brentwood residents who wanted a healthy dining experience in a casual atmosphere, Coral Tree Cafe offers a stunning outdoor patio to dine on—separated and slightly elevated from the bustle of the sidewalk. The atmosphere of the café is adorable and their California-style cuisine can be ordered ahead of time to avoid having to wait in-line at the counter.
  • Brentwood Country Mart - This barn-type local favorite in the heart of Brentwood offers outdoor, courtyard dining options, where guests can safely enjoy meals from one of the Mart’s six top-notch cuisine spots. Whether you’re craving BBQ, a burger, or something to satisfy your sweet tooth, all six dining spots offer pre-order options via phone or online —so you can pick up and easily indulge at a social distance along the courtyard.
  • The Restaurant & Garden Terrace Cafe - Located in the Restaurant/Cafe building of Brentwood’s world-famous Getty Center, The Restaurant offers full-service dining in an elegant outdoor setting with stunning views of the Santa Monica Mountains. Although The Garden Terrace Cafe is a smaller venue than The Restaurant, like its counterpart, the café has an outdoor setting equipped for socially distant dining while overlooking the Center’s beautiful Central Garden.
  • Getty Center’s Central Garden - It’s always picnic weather in Los Angeles thanks to the perpetually warm sunshine. Arguably the most idyllic picnic spot in Brentwood is the 134,000-square-foot, beautifully landscaped Central Garden—located in the heart of the Getty Center. The garden itself is a work of art, designed to change with the seasons. Visitors to the Center can bring their own lunch to enjoy on the gorgeous lawn adjacent to the Central Garden, or at one of the picnic tables near the lower Tram Station.
  • Baltaire - It’s as if this modern steakhouse in Brentwood was designed with socially distant, open-air dining in mind. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors separate the patio from the main dining room and lounge, while a retractable roof lends itself to an abundance of fresh air and gorgeous weather. With a decadent menu and martinis to die for, Baltaire is the route to take for social distant dining while sitting in the lap of luxury.

Walk, Hike, Bike & Stretch


Credit: MRCA
Ask any Brentwood real estate owner and they will attest that one of the most underappreciated luxuries of living in Brentwood is its accessibility to nature for outdoor enthusiasts. At a time when outdoor recreational pursuits in Los Angeles require so much more to navigate than the traffic time it takes to get to the said pursuit, Brentwood’s proximity to open spaces like Westridge Canyonback Wilderness Park, or trails like Mandeville Canyon Road, is pure kismet:
  • Westridge Canyonback Wilderness Park - With more than 1,500 acres of glorious open space, this park sits along the northern border of Brentwood and is home to near 40 miles of hiking trails, stunning vistas, and magnificent views of the region below. Trails are easy to follow and gradients vary to accommodate both novice hikers and hiking enthusiasts. Though the trails are clear and shared with both cyclists and dog walkers, shade can be sparse throughout your hike—so be sure to bring water and a hat with you.
  • Mandeville Canyon / San Vicente Mountain Loop - This lush, north-to-south running trench in the Brentwood area sits under the 1,960-foot summit of the San Vicente Mountain. The Canyon is enclosed by two ridges, with trails running down each ridge to create a 5-mile loop between Westridge and Canyonback Ridge. It’s a welcoming route for both hikers and mountain bikers, and at the peak of San Vicente Mountain, you might catch a glimpse of the historically preserved 1950s Nike missile defense site and lookout tower.
  • West Los Angeles Bike Route - Considered to be one of the most beautiful approaches to the Pacific Ocean, this route begins near the Brentwood Country Club. From there, a marked bike path takes bikers and joggers along San Vicente Boulevard through tree-lined streets and spectacular luxury homes—winding its way to Ocean Avenue and along Palisades Park, with breathtaking views as you get closer to the water.
  • Laughing Frog Yoga - One of the few, and arguably one of the best, yoga studios on the Westside now offering daily outdoor yoga classes, Laughing Frog helps you stretch, flow, and breathe with the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair. With fun options ranging from oceanview sunset yoga to yoga in the park and yoga with live guitar just a stone’s throw away from Brentwood, this yoga studio offers an innovative approach to helping the Westside community feel connected while remaining socially distant.

Arts, Culture & Attractions

There are little gems of history, architectural marvels, and works of art scattered throughout the Westside for Brentwood real estate owners to explore. An outdoor adventure through the area can take one from the cultural magnificence of the Getty Center to the iconic Golden Girls House to the architectural wonders of Frank Lloyd Wright all in the same day:
  • The Getty Center - The Westside’s crown jewel of cultural, architectural, and botanical wonder, this 24-acre space has some of the best hilltop panoramic views in Brentwood. While the vast collections of European, American, and Asian art housed within are amazing, the Richard Meier-designed campus is a sight to behold in and of itself. Between the dramatic architecture of the campus and the breathtaking design of the Center’s tranquil gardens, The Getty Center is one of those rare places where one can take in the beauty of the visual arts without ever having to step foot inside the gallery.
  • The Hunt Residence - You can spend an entire day strolling along the residential areas of Brentwood to marvel at the exquisite array of architectural styles while taking in snippets of historical significance at the same time. Tucked behind a circular driveway and lush landscaping on Oakmont Drive, this stunning ranch-style 1940s home was designed by pioneering architect Paul R. Williams—who became the first certified African American architect this side of the Mississippi. Famous owners include the likes of Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley.
  • Sturges House / Frank Lloyd Wright - The George Sturges House in Brentwood Heights is a 1,200-square-foot architectural masterpiece. Designed by famed visionary Frank Lloyd Wright and constructed in 1939, the house is a designated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural monument. The house is an achievement of Wright’s “Usonian” design movement, an architectural curriculum that set the bar for many of the economical, gracious, and airy home designs found today. As well, the house is the fullest expression of what Wright called “organic architecture” since the structure is fully in tune with its surrounding natural environment.
  • The Golden Girls House - Only a Brentwood real estate owner can glamorously say they live in the same neighborhood where the iconic Golden Girls—Blanche Devereaux, Rose Nylund, Dorothy Zbornak, and Sophia Petrillo—once lived. Since, while the sitcom took place in Miami, Florida, the mid-century modern house used in the opening credits of the show actually resides in Brentwood. For most who grew up watching sitcoms during the 1980s, the exterior of this house is an image joyfully burned into memory—and what better way to take a trip down memory lane than with an afternoon stroll past the house.
  • Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden - Located on the southeastern corner of the UCLA campus, this serene, 7.5-acre outdoor oasis consists of a diverse collection of flora from around the world. A socially distant wander through the Garden transports you from native Southern California selections to the plants of subtropical woodlands and the flowers of Western Australia. The garden is free to visit and is a wonderful escape right within Westside Los Angeles.
  • Lake Shrine - A welcoming space for all belief systems, the Self Realization Fellowship’s Lake Shrine is a quintessential escape from the stress of stay-at-home living. Located next to Brentwood in the Pacific Palisades, Lake Shrine is an open-air meditation of peace, tranquility, and botanical wonder—with gardens surrounding a mesmerizing lake upon which swans glide and turtles share the sanctuary of the space.
Despite the complexity that accompanies this uncertain time in Southern California, as Los Angeles continues to reopen there is so much hope, beauty, and inspiration to be found simply through exploring the richness of the Westside’s outdoor landscape. If you’re fortunate enough to own a heavenly slice of Brentwood real estate, much of that rich, outdoor inspiration can be found right outside your own front door.

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